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Best Kids' Classes near Boston  - according to Parents like You

ClassAgeSample costDistance
French Cultural Center
1+$415 - $408< 1 mile
Urbanity Dance
6months+$396-$792/year1 mile
learn to skate (@Kendall)
Community Ice Skating
4-11$251 mile
Creative Dance & Pre-Ballet
Boston Ballet
16m to 8yr-< 1 mile
Boston Ballet School
16 months+$784 / 8 months< 1 mile
Born to Play Baseball
Hill House
3-5$200.00 (member of ...) $250.00 (non-member of ...)1 mile
Advanced Born to Play Baseball
Hill House
5-7$200.00 (member of ...) $250.00 (non-member of ...)1 mile
Page Music Lessons
Children 12 y/o and under$274 per month1 mile
Boston Children’s Chorus
7+-1 mile
Cambridge Youth Soccer
Gore Field and more
4+2 mile
MIT Youth Swimming Classes
Zesiger Sports and Fitness Center
6 months+$85/4 weeks1 mile
Learn to Skate (with Cambridge Youth Hockey)
Simoni Rink
4-9$50 - $1502 mile
Cambridge Youth Hockey
Simoni Skating Rink
6-112 mile
Super Soccer Stars
3+$20+2 mile
Break Dance Classes
Youth Break Dance Classes
2+$75/term (6 classes)2 mile
School of Classical Ballet
3+$355/semester2 mile
The Dance Complex
3+ for Ballet | 1.5+ for Duncan2 mile
NEC Prep School
New England Conservatory
4+$845 / 28 weeks1 mile
Focal Chinese Music
Boston Chinatown
4+Starting $220/week1 mile
Brookline Arts Center
$135/4 weeks including material2 mile

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