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Best Kids' Classes near Newton  - according to Parents like You

ClassAgeSample costDistance
Newton Girls Basketball Association
Day, Bigelow and Oak Hill Middle Schools
2+ grade< 1 mile
Gideon Reading Program
1 mile
Newton Girls Soccer
Bowen Field
kindergarten and up< 1 mile
Newton Youth Soccer
grade 1+< 1 mile
< 1 mile
Kumon Math
1 mile
Gideon Math Program
1 mile
Create a Cook
3+$250.001 mile
Boston Ballet School, Newton
Boston Ballet School
16 months+$784 / 8 months3 mile
ABC Spanish in motion
preschool +-1 mile
JCC/ Lenny Krayzelburg Swim Academy
birth+< 1 mile
Russian Math
4+< 1 mile
Dance Fever Studio
4+< 1 mile
Huaxin Chinese School
3+$370-$4403 mile
Jae Hun Kim Taekwondo School
5+1 mile
Goldfish Swim School
4+ months1 mile
Paulette's Ballet Studio
5+1 mile
4.5+$286/12 weeks2 mile
Masters of Karate
2 mile
Newton Girls Softball
?2 mile

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