Privacy Policy

We care very much about our users’ privacy and only collect information needed to provide the best user experience. We user information to connect users with other users who share their interest on an opt-in basis. We also data to analyze and improve the app’s features and performance, and to communicate account activity and status to users. Data is maintained on our secure servers, and only key employees have access to this data on an as-needed basis; we do not resell or share user data with external parties. We stop collecting data and general communication when a user cancels their account or deletes the app.

Data we Collect

- for Google Analytics, cookie and usage data

- for Communication with you, email address and/or phone number

- for Sign In, your Facebook identification (we do not have access to your password).

- for User Profile, information you choose to provide, and shared only with other users you choose to.

We utilize Parse Server for push notifications which solely uses the device token; for details on their policies please see their privacy policy at